BUILD Sector Portfolio Strategy Conference

Are you leveraging sectors as tools for portfolio construction? Sectors can be a powerful vehicle to access alpha and mitigate risk, complimenting more traditional fund categories such as market cap or style box funds. Join us for a day long conference to learn from industry leaders why they use sectors and how they may be valuable in your client’s portfolios.

BUILD, a conference dedicated to sector investing, will offer you a variety of practical discussions on how you can leverage sectors as portfolio building blocks, providing you with an understanding of the distinct risk and performance attributes that may make them a compelling tool to help your clients achieve their financial goals. BUILD’s interactive sessions will focus on:

  • The evolution of sector investing as a portfolio construction tool
  • Investment opportunities and outlook in energy, financials and other key sectors
  • Understanding the business cycle and the role it plays in sector investing
  • Real-world examples of how top sector allocators have leveraged sectors
  • Insights from proprietary research on advisor trends, and how you can benchmark your practice
  • Issues emerging today that may impact advisory practices – and what you need to do to stay competitive tomorrow
  • Plus – earn up to 5 CPE Credits!

Seating is limited. This event is reserved for practicing advisors. Registration is required to attend.

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  • David Armstrong, Executive Director, Content,


Dissecting Sector Portfolio Construction

Sector investing is growing. But, how do sectors actually fit into a portfolio? What is the best investment vehicle to use? This session will look at why sectors are valuable to a portfolio as well as how to choose the right tool - and avoid pitfalls - when implementing a sector strategy.


  • Eric Balchunas, Senior ETF Analyst, Bloomberg


  • Archan Basu, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Construction Guidance, Fidelity Investments
  • Alistair Lowe, Senior Advisor to the Investment Committee, AlphaSimplex Group
  • Tim Clift, Chief Investment Strategist, Envestnet Asset Management


Thematic Investing with Sectors

Learn how the rising dollar and decelerating corporate earnings may be impacting your portfolio and how sector investing strategies may be able to offer downside protection.


  • Denise Chisholm, Sector Strategist, Fidelity Investments


Energy in 2016: Looking For the Turnaround

Companies in the energy sector endured brutal losses last year, thanks to the plunge in oil and gas prices, and things may turn worse in 2016; heavy debt loads taken on by oil-producing companies threaten to decimate earnings even further and possibly accelerate the already high rate of bankruptcies. Advisors need to understand the fundamentals driving the decline and tepid recovery in the energy sector, the dangers of accelerating bankruptcies among oil producers and the signals that may indicate a turnaround is near.


  • David Armstrong, Executive Director, Content,


  • Jamie Stone, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Baron Wealth Management
  • Jim Murchie, CEO & Founder, Energy Income Partners
  • John Dowd, Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Investments
  • Shawn Reynolds, Portfolio Manager, Van Eck Securities


Future of Advice: DOL Fiduciary Rule Update

The Department of Labor recently released its highly-anticipated conflict of interest/fiduciary regulation – a development that’s sure to shake up the marketplace. This session will focus on:

  • An overview of the DOL’s Final Rule and the ways in which it changed from the Proposed Rule in 2015;
  • A snapshot of the industry players affected by the Final Rule;
  • Timeline for implementation of the Final Rule; and
  • Action items for advisors operating in a post-fiduciary regulation world.


  • Bonnie Treichel, Attorney, Retirement Law Group


Lunch Session: What the Business Cycle Means for Investors & Portfolio Construction

Intermediate-term asset performance is often driven by cyclical fluctuations in the economy. More specifically, asset performance is influenced by the swings in cyclical factors such as corporate earnings, interest rates, and inflation. The business cycle, which is the pattern of these cyclical fluctuations in an economy over many months or a few years, can therefore be a critical determinant of the relative performance of equity sectors and other asset classes. This session will discuss the business cycle’s four distinct phases: Early-cycle, Mid-Cycle, Late-cycle, and Recession, specifically focusing on where we are in 2016. Attendees will also gain a greater understanding of how the business cycle impacts equity sector rotations and portfolio construction.


  • Dirk Hofschire, Senior Vice President, Asset Allocation Research, Fidelity Investments
  • Tony Rochte, President, Fidelity SelectCo


Financial Sector: Gaining Traction Amid Market Unrest

Investors in the financial sector see a U.S. economy that is gaining some traction, but grappling with a slowdown in China, an oversupply of oil and the strength of the dollar. This panel will look at the prospects for the sector, including the possibility of an uptick in M&A activity, how the housing market recovery is playing out, and the new post-crisis regulations that may put some corners of the bond market at risk.


  • David Armstrong, Executive Director, Content,


  • Christopher T. Lee, Sector Leader, Fidelity Investments
  • Lisa Welch, Senior Portfolio Manager, John Hancock
  • David Ellison, SVP, Portfolio Manager, Hennessy Funds


Predicting the Future of Wealth Management

Wealth management is changing dramatically as new players join the industry’s traditional leaders in presenting enhanced offerings—both front-end and behind-the-scenes solutions—to retail customers and advisors.

Cognitive and predictive analytic solutions are delivering the ability to create dynamic client segmentations based on a client’s behavioral profile, predicting client life events and forecasting client attrition while identifying new product opportunities.

Attendees will hear Robert Stanich, a global wealth management offering manager with IBM, describe how groundbreaking analytics solutions are changing the wealth management game by offering cognitive capabilities that allow them to understand, reason and learn, dramatically affecting advisors’ interactions with their clients.


  • Robert Stanich, Wealth Management Offering Manager, IBM


Advancements in Asset Allocation

The level of sophistication deployed in the investment solutions made available to investors continues to evolve. Many of the practices only available to institutional clients are becoming commonplace in the asset allocations developed for individuals. Panelist will discuss the current state of tools and techniques used to craft asset allocation models for a diverse investor base including risk measurement and management. In addition, the experts will offer a look into the future as it relates to the use of an ever growing menu of available investment strategies (long-only, sectors, alternatives, strategic beta).


  • Neil Bathon, Managing Partner, FUSE Research


  • Adam Parker, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Corey Hoffstein, Co-founder & Chief Investment Officer, Newfound Research
  • Erik Knutzen, Chief Investment Officer - Multi-Asset Class Portfolios, Neuberger Berman


Business Trends: The Advisor Perspective

This session will offer attendees the opportunity to compare their business practices with those of advisors from across the nation. Based on a series of surveys completed in the last six months, FUSE will present the views of FAs in areas such as the role of alternatives, marketing support preferences, retirement planning, value of wholesalers and the use of social media. FUSE also will include the forwarding looking opinions of advisors related to product usage and challenges facing their practices.


  • Neil Bathon, Managing Partner, FUSE Research



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